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Lymph Drainage with Reflexology


Are you experiencing

  • inflammation

  • lymphedema

  • eczema

  • asthma

  • effects of allergies

  • headaches

  • fatigue

  • effects of Lyme

  • auto-immune disorders


Even the most healthy of us are susceptible to retaining fluid in our body. Think gravity. Our body needs constant vigilance to overcome the effects of gravity. Now add consuming foods considered inflammatory such as refined carbs, caffeine, processed meats, trans fats, saturated fats – the list can go on. Many of the foods we consume are just plain toxic to our systems. But we love them and we continue to consume them. Know that story?


Reflexology is a fabulous healing modality. You may know it as a modality for relaxation, for better quality of life, for relieving aches and pains. Let me open your eyes to newer discoveries of reflexology relieving inflammation, edema and even lymphedema.


When the lymphatic system is compromised by such things as an injury, infection, surgery, chronic pain or even by just sitting or standing for long periods of time, the fluid collects and swelling occurs. Most of the time, our bodies compensate and the swelling goes away.


When there is a malfunction in the lymphatic system, not only does the swelling not go away, but more and more lymph accumulates and lymphedema is present. There is no cure for lymphedema, but there are ways to manage the amount of swelling.


Prolonged presence of lymphedema can become debilitating. There is discomfort arising from the large amount of swelling due to the collection of protein rich fluid in the tissue; limited motion of limbs may develop; fibrotic tissue in the swollen area may develop; infections in the area become difficult to treat.  


Lymph Drainage with Reflexology is designed to encourage movement of lymph in your whole body, not just your feet. Stagnant lymph will move along and allow for better flow. This can reduce discomfort and pain and improve flexibility, energy and temperament. Healing occurs more quickly.

Below is a visual example of what a few sessions of Lymph Drainage with Reflexology can do. Image is printed with permission from Sally Kay who developed, researched and teaches Reflexology Lymph Drainage. More information can be found on her web-site




Additional Benefits

Because this method helps move fluid in the body, reducing inflammation, other health benefits have been noticed. Practitioners have seen positive results with such issues as eczema, asthma, effects of allergies, headaches, fatigue, auto-immune disorders. The list is endless.   


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