SoleWise School of Reflexology |  Tuition

306 hours

Tuition and Fees

Application Fee:                       $50.00 non-refundable

Tuition:                                     $3500.00

Deposit:                                      $500.00 – you are not enrolled in the course until the deposit is made.

Before classes begin:        $3000.00

To make it easier on the wallet, after the $500 deposit, you can make two payments of $1500. The first one is due by the first class. The second payment of $1500 is due by the first date we meet in two months.

Payment Plan Option


If you choose to use the payment plan, there is an additional cost of $600.00.

The $500 deposit is due before first class to ensure enrollment.

$1500 is due by first class and $475 per month at the beginning of the month for the next four months.

The Math

Full Tuition:  $3500.00

Deposit:            -500.00

Plan fee:          +600.00

                         $3600.00 due after deposit

Payment Schedule

Before First class:                      $1600.00

2nd month - Before first class $500.00

3rd month - Before first class  $500.00

4th month - Before first class  $500.00

5th month - Before first class  $500.00

Your A&P book, one reflexology book and two wall charts are include in the tuition.


Additional Costs (variable pricing)

Portable anti-gravity chair $90 to $200 - contact Claire for information on the best choices

Books / other charts (optional)  $100.00 - $200.00

Lotions/creams/sheets/blanket/pillows/marketing material   $100-$300.00


Refund Policy: One half of the deposit and full payment is refunded if student withdraws three days after deposit is made. Fifty percent of the tuition paid may be refunded if the student withdraws before the first 28 hours of classes are complete. Otherwise, student forfeits any payment as classes are run based on enrollment determined that first week of classes. After the fourth class meeting, no refunds are made. If personal circumstances such as illness occurs, a student may meet with the owner to discuss options.


Attendance is mandatory. Although each student is responsible for knowing class content and may request information from other students, missed class makeup must be arranged with the instructor. When instructor interaction is necessary for students to meet requirements, there is an additional charge of $50 per student per makeup hour spent with the instructor.