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Reflexology is a specialized technique, when applied to the feet, hands or outer ears induces relaxation and can stabilize various organs and hormones, thus helping to balance one’s entire neurobiological system. Your outer ears, feet and hands are microcosms of your body. 


Benefits of Reflexology


  1. Provides inner peace and calm

  • slows your breathing rate

  • encourages deep breathing

  • slows down your heart rate

  • lowers blood pressure

  • releases muscular tension

  • reduces feelings of stress

  • improves sleep patterns

​2. Improves nerve conduction of over 7000 nerves in feet

  • neuropathways are cleared

  • pain pathways are interrupted, thus reducing pain

3. Relieves pain: from a migraine to joint pain

4. Improves circulation of blood and energy  

  • improves metabolism 

  • improves oxygen levels in body

  • distributes nutrients on cellular level

  • removes metabolic waste

  • reduces stress on cardiovascular system

5. Detoxifies and eliminates toxins

  • gives boost of energy

  • improves immune system

  • reduces symptoms of aging

  • improves energy levels

6. Improves immune system

  • helps with the balance of hormones

  • induces the production of endorphins

7. Provides for quicker recovery from surgery

  • Helps reduce levels of pain

  • stimulates the lymphatic system reducing infection risk

​8. Eases side effects of cancer treatments

  • improves daily functioning during treatments

  • improves daily functioning after treatments

9. Ease diabetic pain and numbness

  • improves circulation, nourishing cells and nerve tissue

  • stimulates nerve tissue

Reflexology is a non-invasive approach affecting the entire organism that is you. In my reflexology practice I work mostly with feet. My intention is to relieve your tension through your feet. I am sensing tension in the soft tissue, all the while responding to reflex areas corresponding to systemic issues you may have indicated are problematic. I give attention to the endocrine system to encourage well-being for your whole body/mind. I set the intention that your whole system comes closer to homeostasis.


In this very harried and hurried world, it is a special gift to yourself.


Reflexology: 1 hour $80 Reflexology: 1/2 hour $50 Reflexology and Lymph Drainage: 60 min $80 90 min $110

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