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SoleWise School of Reflexology | School Expectations

  1. Use of electronics for class related situations is allowed. Electronic devices are not allowed during quizzes and tests.

  2. Save phone calls and texts until break times. Phone should be off or on vibrate. Emergency calls are allowed but please let instructor know ahead of time that there could be emergency calls from home. 

  3. Attire & hair: In-class attire should be comfortable allowing for classmates to easily work on your feet and legs.  Keep clean shoes at studio or bring extra pair so outside debris is not brought into studio. When working on public, professional attire is required. Hair is tied back so there is no hair falling over your client or in your face as you work.

  4. Breaks will be one 30 minute lunch break given once per 6-8 hour day and intermittent breaks occur through the day as the teacher/students require.

  5. Class cancellations: you will receive a phone call or text message from the instructor if class is canceled due to weather, etc.

  6. Hours of in-class attendance and outside class time hours are detailed below.

  7. Graduation requirements include full attendance. For classes in which a grade is provided, a passing grade of B or 90 in each subject matter is required receive certification. Pass/Fail grades require satisfactory passing. See Tuition page for makeup of missed class time.  
    ~ Receive 2 professional reflexology sessions; provide me with write-up of your experience. 1st one due by end of 3rd month, one due before the last week of classes.

  8. Grades are as follows: A: 95-100; B: 90-94; C: 86-90; D: 85-80; F<80
    F - Fail; I - Incomplete; W - Withdrew; S - Satisfactory completion/pass/fail grade

  9. Guests may attend a maximum of two classes (for the purposes of observation) with permission from the instructor. Guests must make plans with the instructor ahead of time (no drop-ins). Attending student clinic is encouraged.


This course certifies students with 300 hours. For professional status with various reflexology organizations, the requirement is 300 hours with 60% or 180 hours being classroom time. SoleWise School of Reflexology runs a 180 in-class hour scheduled with 120 hours designated for study outside of classroom time.

Outside class-time requirements include outside research and other assignments. The outside class hours also include case studies as follows:


Case Studies for foot reflexology:

Give 40 foot reflexology sessions outside of class time. Sessions should be one hour long; an extra 30 minutes added for documentation gives you 60 hours total. Paperwork must be included for each session. The breakdown is as follows:

  • 5 people 1 time

  • 4 people 2 times

  • 3 people 3 times

  • 2 people 4 times

  • 1 person 10 times


The case studies must be completed before the final practical is taken with the teacher. A maximum of five months beyond the scheduled coursework is allowed to complete these studies. Anything beyond that time will be at an additional $200 charge to the student.


Case studies for hand reflexology:

Separate case studies are in addition to the 40 foot sessions. Sessions may coincide with a foot session, but processed separately. Sessions must be a minimum of 45 minutes, with the number of sessions per person determined by the student. A minimum of 20 hand sessions are required. 

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