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Reflexology Certification

300 Hour Certification Course

Reflexology is a non-invasive, therapeutic technique affecting the entire organism. Using a specialized technique applied to the feet, hands or outer ears, reflexology induces relaxation and can stabilize various organs and hormones, helping to balance one’s entire neurobiological system. 

This course includes 180 hours of in-class, hands-on learning including A&P, clinical practice and business management. 

Of the 300 total hours, 120 hours are outside classroom hours doing research and other projects as well as case studies, giving you an opportunity to schedule your time. You will have certification in both foot and hand reflexology. 

The HAND reflexology class can be taken as a separate class by those already certified in foot reflexology. This class is 50 hours; 30 hours in class with 20 outside hand sessions. If you are already a certified reflexologist, you can sign up for this class under Workshops & Classes.  

$     50.00       non-refundable application fee
$   500.00      deposit - to reserve your place
0.00      Full tuition 

Download  Word Application here and mail with application fee. You can also fill in form below and send with on-line application fee to:

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If you would like to use Google Pay, send payment to

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