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Marketing for Reflexology by SoleWise Reflexology

We are impulse buyers. People make purchasing decision based on emotion over need W I I F M ? What’s In It For Me?

We are not selling, we market. And we want to always be marketing. We market ourselves, not our product. So, BE the person you want to market. Otherwise, you are simply selling a product and your clients will stop buying when they find another person who offers the same product, sometimes at a lower price.

  • First impressions happen in just a few seconds; there is never a retake

  • Your personal appearance speaks louder than you do; it represents who you are

  • Pay attention to your body language; it also speaks very loudly

  • Make eye contact – indicates confidence and promotes trust

  • Smile – improves your own attitude and makes you approachable

  • Keep all language, written or spoken, in a positive light

  • Use firm, confident handshake

  • Repeat the person’s name when receiving an introduction

  • If there is a promise of follow-up, do it and do it soon

  • Create a reason for a follow-up contact so you then must get their information as opposed to waiting for them to contact you

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